Let’s talk about Hunger

Let’s talk about Hunger There are two physical sensations that are part of our relationship to food and eating: hunger and fullness. I know that these seem straight forward, but a lot of my work with clients focuses on these sensations. External narratives disrupt our ability to tune in to the sensations, feelings and signalsContinue reading “Let’s talk about Hunger”

What might surprise you about working with this dietitian

What might surprise you about working with this dietitian Today I wanted to share a few things that might surprise you about working with a dietitian – and more specifically what it is like to work with me as a dietitian. After all, I cannot speak for all dietitians, as we all have our ownContinue reading “What might surprise you about working with this dietitian”

It is Normal for weight to fluctuate

Weight: Fluctuations and changes through our lifetime A few weeks ago I shared my personal experience maintaining my weight through an injury. I relate my stabilized weight to no longer dieting or trying to achieve a weight that is difficult for me to maintain without excessive food rules or restrained eating. BUT after I wroteContinue reading “It is Normal for weight to fluctuate”

Health and Life

Health and Life: it’s a balance I had a client session recently wherein I asked the client why she decided to work with me. See this client had previously been part of a diet program, and been successful. She also had felt supported and not judged. It didn’t sound like a terrible experience. Yet whenContinue reading “Health and Life”

Let’s talk about weight without dieting

Let’s talk about weight without dieting A tale of two Bronwyns Bronwyn Then I first became a “dieter” around the age of 15 or 16. I lost some weight, then spent another 7-8 years trying to maintain that body weight or (always hopefully) lose more. It was a rough time. My life revolved around myContinue reading “Let’s talk about weight without dieting”

What Gardening and pursuing a non-diet lifestyle have in common

What Gardening and pursuing a non-diet lifestyle have in common Over on Instagram, and in my Runclub video last week I shared that I was preparing for the growing season by starting some seeds indoors. This week we got some sprouts! And I couldn’t help but think of some of the similarities between gardening andContinue reading “What Gardening and pursuing a non-diet lifestyle have in common”

The Diet Cycle

What is the Diet Cycle? Diet cycle, also known as the restrict-binge cycle is a term used to refer to an experience seen frequently with those who embark on dieting. We might also think of it as part of what leads to yo-yo dieting. Often people start a diet, or lifestyle change, with the bestContinue reading “The Diet Cycle”

Let’s Talk about Dieting

I want to do a small series on dieting for this blog. Why? I believe that we talk about dieting a lot in the anti-diet world, but often it is poorly defined. There is a lot of misinformation out there on dieting. For many folks with eating disorders, a diet was their “gateway”. Even thoseContinue reading “Let’s Talk about Dieting”

Wanting to lose weight is okay

Wanting to lose weight is okay If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll notice I am not very pro-weight loss. In fact, I believe we need to stop equating thin bodies and the pursuit of weight loss with health. (This will be a theme – what is health? Who do you picture when you thinkContinue reading “Wanting to lose weight is okay”

Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2021

Eating Disorder Awareness week Did you know thEatiat in Canada it is eating disorder awareness week? It is! Eating disorders are a devastating and deadly mental health issue. They affect many people, of all genders, all ethnicities, all ages, and all body sizes. They also don’t discriminate by dis/ability, mental abilities, or wealth. I meanContinue reading “Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2021”