Hello, my name is Bronwyn Coyne and I’m a Registered Dietitian in Kamloops BC

I help people create a better relationship with food, so they can enjoy life. I love working with people who are ready to stop dieting. People who want to feel comfortable eating food they love and enjoy, but struggle to get rid of the voice in their head reminding them to watch those calories, look out for that carb, how much sugar is in that?

Not only do I have the professional training and education of being a dietitian, but I have the personal experience as well.

A struggle with food

My own struggles with food started young; I was a picky eater from the get go, and my childhood memories of food consist of peanut butter sandwiches, chicken, rice and broccoli, pasta with plain red sauce, and convenience foods.

As I became a teenager, I began to run long distances, and felt invincible. My interest in running led to an interest in nutrition. Innocent at first, it soon took a downward spiral. I thought I would be healthy when I reached a particular weight, and a particular body shape. I slid into a decade of dieting, watching what I ate, and body size obsession; doing everything “right” (even according to “science”), yet never having the results promised.

Meanwhile, in my professional life…

Working as a dietitian, I saw these experiences echoed in the stories of my clients. Sitting in my office, people would share stories of years dieting, of giving up time and meals with loved ones in the pursuit of a perfect body. They’d spent years, even decades, pursuing thinness, and still hadn’t achieved what those diets promised. As a dietitian, nothing I’d been taught in school was any different and I felt like I had nothing to truly offer. 

There had to be another way

Then I found Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating and Health At Every Size. I discovered critical health professionals who had a different take on the current standards of health our society demands. I began incorporating these practices into my own life, and bringing these ideas to my work with clients. And my clients flourished.

Now I work from a different perspective. I want to help people reclaim those lost years, and make sure the rest of their lives aren’t taken by diet culture. We can all have a more peaceful relationship with food. Everyone has a right to enjoy the food they eat.

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A little bit more about my philosophy

I work from a weight neutral approach. This means that I do not center thinness as a goal, nor do I center thin bodies as the “ideal” or the “norm”. This approach is not for everyone. 

I do not provide weight loss diets.

Working together you may experience:

Weight loss, Weight Gain, Both, or Neither

This is not something everyone is comfortable with, and for very valid reasons. Together you and I can work through some of the challenges of eating in a way that is counter cultural.

It is important for me to create an inclusive space. I do my best, but have to acknowledge that my identity holds many privileges that may limit my understanding and recognition of the experiences of others. However, I do consider myself fat positive, and I do my best to affirm queerness, gender, neurodiversity, disability, and the experiences of racialized peoples. I love to learn more about how I can be an ally in all ways – and if anything on my website, or that I say or do needs to be called in please do not hesitate to reach out.

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We are a good fit if you are looking to:

  • Stop dieting once and for all
  • Eat healthy, but struggle to sift through the information on the world wide web
  • Get freedom from all the diet rules that have shortened the list of what you can eat
  • Get support for an active lifestyle, without being told (how) to lose weight
  • Trust your body, and build a peaceful relationship with food
  • Improve your eating, but want to keep weight loss out of it

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A little bit more about me
  • I grew up in Kamloops BC, and in 2019 my husband and I moved back (well I moved back, my husband is from Vancouver Island).
  • We have two cats, Cinnamon and Nutmeg, and one crazy Australian Shepherd named Prince.
  • I love to run, walk and hike all year, and cross country ski and snow shoe in the winter.
  • Our favourite place is Sun Peaks, the local ski hill near Kamloops.
  • Recently, I (re)discovered my love of crafting, in particular stained glass and sewing (giving up dieting and food obsession gave me time, energy and brain space to pursue other activities! Book a discovery call today to find out more).

I live, work and play on the unceded, traditional and ancestral territory of the Sewcepmc people. I acknowledge the contributions of Metis people to our understanding of Indigenous culture in Canada. To learn more about whose land you may be on visit: https://native-land.ca/