Weight Neutrality

Weight Neutrality What is Weight Neutrality? I wanted to write a post that discusses the idea of weight neutrality, because my assumption is that it might be a new term for many readers. And you may have seen the term “weight neutral dietitian” tossed around a bit around here, so it is important to talkContinue reading “Weight Neutrality”

A healthy relationship to food

A healthy relationship to food What exactly does it mean to have a healthy relationship to food? For today’s blog post I wanted to talk a little bit about what I mean by helping people improve their relationship to food, because it’s a term that is getting used a lot more, but doesn’t necessarily haveContinue reading “A healthy relationship to food”


2021 Hello, and welcome to the first post of 2021 and this blog. My name is Bronwyn and I am a dietitian living and working in Kamloops BC. My hope as a registered dietitian offering private practice services in Kamloops BC is to offer people an alternative to the typical nutrition related education most peopleContinue reading “2021”