Health and Life

Health and Life: it’s a balance

I had a client session recently wherein I asked the client why she decided to work with me.

See this client had previously been part of a diet program, and been successful. She also had felt supported and not judged. It didn’t sound like a terrible experience. Yet when she began feeling out of control with food recently, she reached out to me rather than return to the diet program.

She thought for a moment and then said, “there’s something about how you talk about it… there’s a life balance that you emphasize. And that’s what I’m looking for.”

She hit the nail on the head.

“Health” is a little word that packs a big punch. And usually that punch becomes “healthy eating and exercising”, as though health can be boiled down to two parts of our life.

It can’t.

I also see a large shift towards healthy eating that is less and less accessible, from a cost perspective, and a life perspective. What I mean by this is: you can love food and healthy eating, BUT food and healthy eating should NOT be your entire life. IF your “health regime” demands your WHOLE life, is it actually healthy? (Think of Christy Harrison’s motto – diets are a life thief.)

This conversation demands an examination of health that deserve it’s own complete post. I see health as a part of our life, a way to support us to live our best lives, whatever that may be. This also means health is flexible, changing with time and our circumstances.

While I could keep going, today I simply want to leave you with this question:

How much time and energy does your “healthy lifestyle” take up? Does it leave room for life?