What might surprise you about working with this dietitian

What might surprise you about working with this dietitian

Today I wanted to share a few things that might surprise you about working with a dietitian – and more specifically what it is like to work with me as a dietitian. After all, I cannot speak for all dietitians, as we all have our own unique ways of working with, and being with clients.

  1. What you eat matters less to me than how you talk about what you eat

    While I often ask people to go through a day or two of their food choices, I am not adding up calories, macronutrients or micronutrients. Instead I’m listen for the judgments, triggers, and sticky areas you have with food. Have you ever thought to yourself:
    “Well I did really well until lunch time, then I saw the cookies in the staff room…”
    Or “Why can’t I get a salad? It’s always the French fries, what is wrong with me?!”
    I hear this all the time, and it breaks my heart how judgmental we are when it comes to food. But helping you find a more compassionate way to be with yourself and food is what I live for.
  2. I won’t give you a meal plan

    This one surprises quite a few folks, even though it’s fairly common for dietitians to not provide meal plans. I don’t think I ever had a meal plan work for a client (yes I have tried!). Unfortunately they don’t get to the root of why you’re struggling with food (in whatever way), and so they aren’t a long term solution, because they don’t solve the actual problem. They are merely a band aid, on what is often a deeper issue.
  3. I may tell you to ease up on eating so perfect

    Um…. excuse me? Honestly, sometimes this is hard for me too. I know there’s a sense that we all need “tough love” when it comes to our diet, but to be honest I’ve never seen tough love work in the long run. And neither have I seen “perfect eating” last either. What I will do is help you uncover your food rules, to find out which ones are helpful and which ones aren’t. Let’s simplify your eating, not complicate it.
  4. I may say, you’re doing just fine

    Related to #3, I may tell you that you’re doing just fine. That in fact you are eating really well given the world we live in, the challenges you face, and the life you lead. Does this mean we can’t work together? No! Our current health and wellness climate often promotes extremes, so choosing to remain in a nice middle place is difficult. And I can absolutely help with that.

If any of these ideas sound intriguing to you, please reach out today for a Discovery Call to see if we’re a good fit to help you on your health journey.

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