About the dietitian

I am Bronwyn Coyne, Registered Dietitian. I currently reside in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, and am a West Coast girl at heart.
I have been working on the Island as a dietitian for four years, since graduating from the UBC Dietetics program in 2012. Currently I work part time for Island Health, and I am also working to complete my masters in Adult Education through the St. Francis Xavier University.
I did not always want to be a dietitian but I am happy I became one. I first became interested in nutrition when I began long distance running in high school, and I realized nutrition had a powerful effect on how I looked (read as: my weight). At first my impression of health was based around how much I weighed, but over time and with more knowledge I began to realize that food is so much more powerful in all aspects of our lives.
When I decided my first choice of university degree was not for me (creative writing) I wondered if my hobby of nutrition might be a possible career. So I switched into sciences, transferred from the University of Victoria to UBC and the rest is (sort of) history.

My Food and Nutrition Philosophy

I believe that food is powerful, but not omnipotent. Eating perfectly healthy 100% of the time will not be better for you in the long run, if it causes more stress in your life. The perfect diet actually includes room for indulging in all the food you love. In fact the more you enjoy your diet, the healthier you will be.
The more you can pay attention to how food makes you feel and what you enjoy about it, the healthier and more whole food you will eat…
I know this is easier said than done, and that is why I am here. I’ve been there, I’ve struggled to find the balance between healthy eating, life and enjoyment. It’s not easy to fit healthy eating into the calmest of lives, but add in work, family, friends, obligations and suddenly it’s thrown out the window.
But being well fed allows us to perform at our best in every part of our life: at work, at home, in the sports arena and in life. And being well fed means eating a variety of foods you enjoy, in quantities that satisfy you. No restriction (unless allergies and sensitivities apply) necessary.
I’m here to help you find peace with food, and balance between healthy eating and life. I have not just the education and expertise to know what to do to eat healthy, but the real world experience to help you out.

Areas of Expertise

I have experience in a variety of areas including:
– chronic disease management, such as diabetes and heart disease
– prenatal, postnatal and infant nutrition
– weight management, including help with disordered eating, intuitive and non-diet mindset and ending the diet cycle.
– Sports and performance nutrition
To find out more about my services check out my services page to see what I offer and for what price.
If you’re curious to know if we’d be a good fit or you have any questions, hop on over to my contact page to see about having a free 15 minute chat.

And just for fun…

Other than being a dietitian and a student, I dabble in photography (mostly just on instagram, which makes everyone’s photos look fabulous), and water colour painting when I can find the time.
My newest sport love is roller derby, and you can find me out on the track with my team the Brass Knuckle Derby Dames several times a week. If I’m not there I’m either hucking a disc around the Ultimate Frisbee field, lifting weights, hiking or cycling.