Things I’m loving about the changing season

First of all shameless plug:

I was featured on Steph Langdon’s Nutrishus blog series: What RDs Do. I’ve loved reading about what other RDs do, the different career paths possible and am just so excited to get to participate. Check out my interview, and all the others in the series!

Alright on to today’s topic.

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This week is just a little tidbit about what’s awesome about Fall.

1. Tea all day: usually I start my day with a coffee. But during the colder months I often rely on tea to get in all my liquids for the day. I usually go for a decaf variety; everything from earl grey, to chai, to mint or other herbal kinds.

2. Apples: for the longest time apples were my favourite fruit. I would eat one a day. While my fruit choices have increased and varied, I still love when it is fresh apple season. Growing up in the Okanagan I had the privilege of always having fresh, local and delicious apples this time of year.

3. Leaves: there is always something so beautiful, almost magical really, about the red, yellow and orange of the leaves this time of year.

2016-09-07 18.31.44

4. Cooling weather: it was hot for a little this summer, not a lot compared to what I’ve been told is normal, but enough. Now that it’s cool I can finally hang out in my apartment without dying. And I can bake! In the heat turning on the oven is such a nightmare, but it’s nice when it’s cool out.

5. Movement changes: this might be an odd one, but I can be a seasonal exerciser. Don’t get me wrong I’m active year round, but often in the fall and winter, I just have a desire to be inside, doing more weight training, yoga or less aggressive cardio. Whereas in the spring and summer, I’m often itching to get outside.

And that’s about it. It not a long list, but that’s what I’ve been enjoying so far. (Although today was a bit of a sunny warm summer throw back so maybe we’re in for an Indian Summer yet)

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