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June is off to a busy start here.

The upcoming weekend is the first weekend I’ve had zero commitments or plans since April. With all the business, and some life changing occurrences in the past month and a half an easy weekend of no set plans sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Especially because in a little over a week I’ll be starting a 6 day hike of the West Coast Trail so along with usual life pieces I have been slowly preparing for that (again in charge of food stuff). So I’m looking forward to an unscheduled weekend of preparing, relaxing and taking my time. It feels like it’s been a while since that has been my life.

In the mean time, I thought I’d share some links, podcasts and webpages I’ve been browsing the last few weeks.

I shared a little bit about being a budget and with that have been loving this new-to-me website: A local BC girl (yay!) she talks about her journey out of debt and mindful living. It’s inspiring for me to read about others journeys from being in debt to having much more financial freedom.

I also found through her website some amazing minimalist blogs. I used to find the idea of minimalism intimidating, and didn’t really get the point. Over the last few years though I’ve been drawn to de-cluttering and getting rid of the excess.  I like how many of the minimalism blogs aren’t necessarily about strict rules of how much you can own, but rather a mindset about being intentional about what you own – and how you live. This rings true to me. So with that in mind I really enjoyed browsing this minimalist site:

Along the lines of intentional buying, one reason I’m trying to buy from second hand stores as much as possible is the disillusionment I’ve had with big retail. I like to think I try to make ethical and critically thoughtful decisions about where I buy and why – but it is very hard to find out about the ethical practices of your favourite stores. So I really liked this link my mom sent me: It’s great if one of your concerns is the gender division of the leadership of companies. We all know that many corporations, from where we get our clothes to who runs our television media, are often majorly run by men, but this site can help you decide to support organizations that have more equal gender distributions on their boards or in their executive line… so you can now feel a whole lot better about shopping at H&M.

Lastly I’m loving all sorts of podcasts lately. As I’ve made a journey away from dieting I found more and more websites dedicated to anti-diet culture, as well as fat acceptance and even fat activism. I’m loving all things Virgie Tovar right now. You can find her on multiple podcasts. And in multiple writing spheres. I love her voice, her style and her message.

I also really enjoyed this podcast featuring two fellow health at every size RDs Glenys O and Aaron Flores (their sites here and here) and Vivienne McMaster who runs a body loving/acceptance program called Be Your Own Beloved (another BC girl, squee!). Some great tid-bits and stories from all three.

So my lovely blogosphere peeps I’m away for the next few weeks, but I hope you keep enjoying the world wide web as much as I do every day. Happy reading, facebooking and general life!

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